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Successful entrepreneur and serial business owner Greg Roworth is a sought-after consultant and business mentor. His accomplishments in running and guiding businesses in USA, Australia and New Zealand have generated great demand for his leadership and business skills which were on full display in his books “Put Your Business on Autopilot” and its sequel, “Run Your Business on Autopilot.”

Greg has not only invested more than 35 years in intensive study of business successes and failures, he has also put those learnings into practice successfully in five businesses that he has founded, grown and sold.

Greg’s business career began in 1978 when he launched his own company in the irrigation industry, Aquarius Sprinkler System. By the time he sold the business 12 years later Aquarius had installed more than 1,000 systems.

After selling Aquarius, Greg focused on business consultancy and started as a consultant at Uniconsult Pty. Ltd. Upon obtaining his degree in Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from the University of South Australia he established his own accountancy/bookkeeping practice in 1992 called Precise Bookkeeping. He sold this business in 1997, the same year he qualified as a CPA.  He completed an MBA through Australia’s Deakin University in 2003.

Over the past 20 years, Greg has gone on to build and sell two international consulting practices, in New Zealand and Australia, which have impacted clients in several countries.  His experience in working with and building his own million dollar businesses expands on his academic and personal knowledge of professional service firms and small business challenges and how to create a business that delivers prosperity and freedom for the owners.


What Others Say About Greg and His Books

Greg Roworth’s business growth has literally taken flight since I first met him. His accounting and business management experience led the way but it was the values he learned on the ground that taught him what was required to put his business on autopilot. Greg then had ample opportunity to share his wealth of experience and knowledge with others. It’s not too late to be one of those who catch his next scheduled take off. At minimum, you will want to get your hands on his book. I’ve read it and highly recommend you do too!

Glenn Dietzel, Mentor to the World’s Highest Paid Business Coaches, Consultants, Experts and Advisors


There have been lots of books written on how to run your business better but most give you general steps — the kind of things that seem obvious anyway. Put Your Business on Autopilot goes much further, detailing the processes that enable you to build a business that doesn’t suck the life out of you but lets you build the business AND the life of your dreams.

Paul Dunn, Chairman BUY1 GIVE1, author of “Firm of the Future,” former founder of The Results Corporation and Results Accountants’ Systems



As the author of a #1 bestseller, UnHypnosis, I’m constantly being asked to review the work of other authors. Many of the books that come across my desk are dull, lifeless, or filled with meaningless platitudes. Greg’s new book, Put Your Business on Autopilot, is a refreshing change. His ideas are original, useful, and inspiring. I do a lot of business and personal coaching, yet I learned several things from reading Greg’s useful book that will help me reduce my workload and enjoy my business more.
It behooves everyone in business to buy, read and study this powerful resource. The time and money you spend doing so will be more than paid off by the time and money you’ll save in living a more sensible business life.

Dr. Steven E Taubman, bestselling author and speaker, founder of Power Track Presentations


Before meeting Greg Roworth and the Business Success Systems team, I was desperately trying to find a system that I could implement to build my business. After reading his book – and participating in one of his business courses – I have been able to take my business to the next level. Our revenue has increased by 80% during this time and I am grateful to Greg and his team for the fantastic support they have provided. I feel confident that next year will be filled with fantastic results. I highly recommend that every business owner reads Greg’s books and seeks professional support from the BSS team.

Bonnie Power, CEO, The Power Group